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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Did you know there was an Earthquake near Quilcene!

3.5 Earthquake near Quilcene Washington on December 4, 2013


An earthquake rattled the small Olympic Peninsula community of Quilcene just a few minutes before midnight on December 4th. At 11:55PM, a 3.5 quake shook homes and trees in this town of 591 people. There was a magnitude 2.8 aftershock early the next morning, but the area has remained quiet since. There were no reports of property damage and no injuries occurred. It didn’t do much besides give people something to talk about and remind us about the earthquake potential of the area.


Quilcene Earthquake, 2013

Quilcene Earthquake, 2013



The Pacific Northwest may have a large quake at any time. The University of Washington recently said that the region has a 10-to-15 percent chance of large Earthquake in the next 50 years. Growing up in Washington, I am used to reports like this. Every few months the local media makes sure we are aware that we could die at any minute.  In October, they ran this story about huge numbers of possible fatalities that may occur.






While we all won’t die, this acts as a reminder to make sure we are prepared for any disaster. We live in an area that could have a Tsunami, Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption on the same day, so we should be prepared. The State of Washington has numerous resources for you to be ready for pretty much anything, so check out these two pages:



About Earthquakes in washington



Personal and Family Disaster Preparedness: http://www.emd.wa.gov/preparedness/prep_personal_preparedness.shtml




Sure, a horrible disaster may happen in our lifetime, but in case it actually does, you need to be ready. besides, stranger things have happened. I mean, the Seahawks are actually good right now, and their fans are causing numerous earthquakes of their own. If we were to win the Superbowl, we might destroy our own city.




2011 Seahawk Earthquake




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